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To start investing with us, all you need to do is to create an account. Our sign up process is simple. We keep your data....



Once your account has been created, Login and purchase InvestNApps bonds for $10 each. You can purchase as many bonds as you wish and your bonds....



Once you purchased your bond, it will start earning generating 5% annual compound returns. Set back and enjoy your returns. Returns are distributed on regular basis....

Who Are We ?

Tech Experts

Invest N App team consist of group of talented mobile apps developers, digital markets, and financial experts with background in both public and private investment. Our team identify opportunities through market research, develop solutions to address market needs. Once our apps are developed and tested, we roll these mobile apps....

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Fin Tech Innovation

InvestNApps is a new innovative solution that was built to disturb the bonds financial market. Over the last decade many....

Safe Investments

InvestNApps bonds are designed to be much more safe and stable than any other bonds in the market today. Most....

Stable & Profitable Return

With InvestNApps Bonds, your money will earn stable 5% compound fixed return as long as it is with us.

Instant Withdraw

With our bonds, you can choose to cash out your bonds or interest at anytime. No penalties, the withdrawal may take up to 4 business days to be completed.

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You can help us grow and increase our returns and yours. Check out our apps, and share them with friends and family.

How It Works ?

How It Works ?
InvestNApps Bonds

5% Fixed Return Bonds

With our Bonds, your wealth will increase 5% annually. The return is calculated on daily basis and deposited to your account.

Top Investors

You in Safe Hands

By investing with us, you are in a good company. Check out some of our top investors

Mohammed Shaker
CEO & Founder
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